Special Spaces Buffalo hits major milestone

January 17, 2017

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

We’d like to take a moment and tell you about Special Spaces Buffalo. They are our ‘Charity of the month’. That means they will get a portion of all Totally Buffalo merchandise sales. What they do for kids – is amazing.

This Saturday, Special Spaces will mark a huge milestone as they design their 50th Special Space.

Lauryn Laskowski loves music and the Buffalo Sabres! The 13-years old West Seneca girl is suffering from ovarian cancer.  Her favorite color is sky blue and she’s looking forward to a pretty, feminine and relaxing special space.

There are very few things that hurt your heart more than a sick child. You just want to hug them and give them the world. You want to fix their troubles and heal their body. Unfortunately, you can’t. But, you can help to raise their spirits. That is what Special Spaces Buffalo does. This charity is amazing. I’ve seen first-hand, the difference they make by creating dream bedrooms for kids facing life-threatening illnesses. If you think about it, that bedroom serves as a respite. It is a place where that child spends most of his or her time. It makes them happy and comfortable. For everything they are going through – the pain, the treatments, the doctors, therapies, anxiety – don’t they deserve a room they can feel proud of? A room where they can find some peace and heal. That is what Special Spaces offers these brave little ones.

And it is much more than a coat of paint and a new comforter. Special Spaces goes above and beyond. They meet with the child, get to know them, find out what their hobbies are, what they love, what they wish for. Then, a team of volunteers get the job done – usually in a day.

We salute Special Spaces – and we hope you will, too. They can always use more volunteers and of course, every single penny can make a difference. Find out how you can help this great organization. 


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