Spotlight Interview: Channel 7 Anchor, Ashley Rowe

October 16, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

She came onto the scene last year and Ashley Rowe seems to have hit the ground running.

In November of 2014 – Ashley Rowe was here from Toronto covering the unrelenting blizzard that buried the city in 7 feet of snow, trapping people in their cars and wreaking havoc.  But it was that assignment for CTV that gave Ashley a true sense of the grit, resolve and Buffalove Western New Yorkers have.

Ashley’s grandfather was a journalist and her father a well known Canadian documentary filmmaker.  She’s covered major events like the Rob Ford scandal and the mass shooting at the Eaton Centre. Growing up in Mississauga, she watched Buffalo Television. She’s familiar with the icons who’ve sat where she now sits. She says she’s at home here – she’s dating a Buffalonian and loves being here, working here and playing here. We caught up with her for our Spotlight Interview and asked her about her new life in Buffalo and what now makes her Totally Buffalo.

Q:  How are you liking Buffalo and Western New York? 

A:  I have totally fallen for Buffalo. It’s a special city that is wildly underrated. I am spoiled living in the Allentown/Elmwood neighborhood because I have so much at my fingertips: a great community, great restaurants, and so many cultural attractions to enjoy.

Q:  I know you started your broadcasting career in Canada – what is the biggest difference between the job here and there?

A:  Local television in U.S. markets is known for keeping a hyper-local focus, but the story telling is the same at its core. Day to day, my job here in Buffalo is much more multi-dimensional. When I’m not in the studio, I’m writing web stories, helping our reporters set up interviews, conducting my own interviews, and contributing to our social media pages. In my heart, I’m a reporter first, so I am thrilled to be an active member of our station’s investigative team (I-Team).

Q: Tell us a few of your favorite hobbies.

A:  I volunteer for Meals on Wheels for Western New York once a week in Buffalo’s west side. It’s truly a highlight of my week. Beyond that, I get great enjoyment from golf in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Q:  Do you have a secret talent?

A:  I make a mean grilled cheese and am frustratingly good at falling asleep in almost every movie I watch.

Q: What has been your favorite story you have covered in WNY so far?

A:  I interviewed a girl, Alexis, who asked her cancer-stricken mother, Libby, to senior prom. Alexis wanted to make sure her mom got a prom experience, since Libby didn’t get to go to her prom when she was a teenager. I interviewed them at their home, where they shared their heartache, their hope, and their fight. Alexis’ gesture was so pure and inspiring that within hours of our story going to air, people in the community were reaching out to me in droves to offer different ways to help make this mother-daughter duo’s prom night even more special. Hundreds of people showed up to their home on prom night to cheer them on and show support. This is truly a city of good neighbors.



Q:  Dogs or cats?

A:  Dogs

Q:   What does your typical weekend look like?

A:  Coffee, walking the dogs, a trip to the local bakery, exercise, catching up with friends, trying a new restaurant or recipe, and enjoying a big ol’ glass (or two… or three) of wine.


Q:  I loved your sit down with Kim Pegula – what’s the most interesting thing you discovered about her in that interview?

A:  I had been told by many people that Kim is pretty down to earth. It was cool to see that proven. She made a point of making everyone around us feel like she noticed and acknowledged them: our crew, her staff, employees who were setting up chairs at Training Camp. She gave all of them her time. Her casual and friendly demeanor makes you forget (for a second) that she’s a billionaire.

Q:  What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened on live television?

A:  I’ve been lucky. Nothing too crazy has happened to me on live tv (knock on wood).

Q: What makes you Totally Buffalo?

A:  I take great pride in being a part of this community, giving back to others as well as sharing their stories. Whether it’s meeting people at events, having my weekly Meals on Wheels date with the folks at the neighborhood senior center, or enriching my relationships with friends while exploring the vast offerings all over the city, I’m ‘totally’ about embracing Buffalo the way it has embraced me.
With each passing month, there is always a new something in the area to check out. I make a point of participating in the next wave of Buffalo, being one more person in a crowd that validates new endeavors and experiences for the area, saying “Hey, thanks for taking the risk to build something.”

Thank you for taking the time for our Spotlight interview!  You can watch Ashley M-F at 5, 6 and 11 p.m on WKBW, Channel 7.



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