Strawberry Island is known for its beauty… whoever left this – NOT COOL!

August 8, 2017

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

It’s a pretty stern warning from the folks at Strawberry Island to the people who decided it was okay to visit the island and leave this mess behind. Normally, the code is – take out what you bring in. But, it seems someone didn’t follow that golden rule and left a mess behind.

Half a dozen or so smashed glass bottles in the sand, beer cans, and other trash left on the beach.  The folks who care about this island have a message for those leaving a mess behind – writing on their Facebook page,

“If this was you, you are not welcome back. If you see anyone doing this, please contact the Erie County Sheriff, NYS Parks Police, or the NYS DEC immediately and take note of the boats registration number.”

The 3 acre island in the upper river is one of three islands surrounding Grand Island. Strawberry Island is rich with history and wildlife. It’s known for fishing and recreational boating. With a beach, a cove and shallow water surroundings.

This is more than just a mess, it’s actually dangerous to the wildlife that call the island home.  Josh, who’s been picking up garbage on the island for 10 or 15 years now says that trash can be a hazard, “The birds can get entangled in things like plastic bags and left behind fishing line. The glass is obviously a danger to both the wildlife and the people who enjoy the island. The beach has always been a favorite spot for boaters to bring their kids to play. Many of which run around the beach and swim barefoot.”

It is a favorite place for those hoping to relax and enjoy the water.  If you visit, enjoy your time – and take your trash!


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