Sunflower Fields Forced to Call Police After People Jump Fence, Steal Sunflowers. Now – It’s Time to Rally Around This Farm & Farmers

August 18, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

We absolutely love what Chad and Louise have done with their beautiful Sunflowers of Sanborn Field. They’ve created a place we can go and actually stop and smell and stare at the beautiful sunflowers. We can take photos, purchase beautiful flowers and enjoy nature at its finest.

They had a huge craft fair set for this weekend – but unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate. They were forced to postpone the event until next weekend (August 24th and 25th) and close the fields. Louise and Chad were saddened to see what happened next.

Here is what Louise wrote on Facebook:

“On behalf of my husband Chad and I, we are deeply devastated that we had to experience such disrespect at our fields yesterday that we put our hearts and soul into to make it a great family attraction for everyone to enjoy.

On Saturday 8/17, we were forced to close because Mother Nature did not want us open. We do not like to close but when the grounds are unsafe we have to close our gates for the safety of everyone in our Fields.

It saddens us to know that we had many people take advantage of us being closed yesterday by jumping over our fence, stealing our sunflowers, breaking our chain off of our exit and even had to have the Niagara County sheriffs called because people would not stop entering the property.

We are all volunteers here at the Sunflowers of Sanborn and it breaks our heart knowing all of our hard work to try and keep the grounds FREE to enter is being taking advantage of when we close our gates.

We know this is not everyone and we appreciate everyone who comes and visits us on a daily basis!


I spoke with Louise and she is beyond upset, shocked and saddened. “The thing that makes me sad the most is that so many good people are here everyday and these people have to go and ruin it.”

She’s disgusted but this will not change what they do. “We are absolutely going to keep on doing what we are doing. The fields will be open. It just breaks my heart – all of the people who give their time to make this what it is – all of those good people who come here several times during the season – they bring loved ones that are sick or the nursing homes come and bring their residents – that’s why I do it. I will continue to do it. Those people have a smile on their face. God always brings things around. I am not going to let a few bad apples ruin this for me. In the end, God has the final say.”



Let’s show them we all love what they are doing and show up in force for next weekend’s craft fair!!!!

Stop by the fields at 3311 Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn, New York, 14132

The event takes place from 10-4 on Saturday and 11-4 on Sunday!


More on the fields here:

Sunflower Lovers – Here’s Your Chance!! Sunflower Fields Forever!



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