Sweet Indulgence Curbside is Buffalo’s newest food truck!

May 24, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Anita Ketterer’s dream came true.

She gets to work, doing what she loves, along side her daughters. Talk about a sweet deal! And when I say sweet… I mean sweet!

Anita owns Buffalo’s newest food truck, Sweet Indulgence Curbside.

They’re new. On the streets now just a few weeks, but you’re sure to be seeing them all over the city. You can’t miss the bright pink truck!

They’ve always enjoyed mother-daughter bonding time over baking – and as the years went by, the list of homemade desserts grew. So what better way to expand their passion for baking then to bring them to the public?

Anita talks about their truck. 

“It’s a true family business which includes my daughters who photographs all my desserts and maintain the social media sites.  They help me bake, decorate and package.  The recipes have been passed from my mom and grandmother. Old fashioned goodness with my own personal twist.  It’s a dream come true!”

Whats on your menu?

“We specialize in all things sweet. We carry cupped cake parfaits; some favorites are Reese’s peanut butter, mounds, and strawberry shortcake.  We have cookies, chocolate truffles, pies, dessert bars, fudge, chocolate covered strawberries, éclairs and tarts.  Most of our desserts will range between $3.50 and $4.00.  We will rotate the menu, and offer freshly ground and brewed coffee. Our most popular items have been our cuccidati cookie and Guava cake.”

What made them decide to do this?

“Baking has always been my passion.  It started as a side job making Christmas cookie trays, and grew to where we were looking for a location to bake out of. The explosion of food trucks here in Buffalo changed our original focus from brick and mortar to mobile curbside service.  We did our research, sampled our way through the trucks and loved the energy surrounding them.  Sweet Indulgence Curbside was off and running.”

It’s been quite a process.

“We started thinking about this business 3 years ago.  The SBA here in Buffalo offers free classes for people wanting to start their own business. We attended classes after work, and found the information most valuable. (Having a menu was the easy part).  They stepped us through the whole process including writing our business plan.  We learned about financing, taxes, and most important- our goals within the market.  We have come a long way from kitchen table planning to where we are today. We now own an 18 foot mobile kitchen, which we designed from logo, to exterior colors,  to interior layout, it’s quite the showpiece.  We are so thankful for all who have helped us in this journey….taste testers, graphic designer, and truck builder.”

And here’s something super sweet to go along with all of those amazing desserts.

They’re giving back. 

“Giving back…. You will see mental health matters ribbons on the sides of our truck.  It serves as a reminder of how blessed we are, and our commitment to helping others.   We will offer special items each week, that when purchased a portion will be donated to a mental health charity to stop the stigma.”

So be sure and look for that sweet pink truck and get your fill of desserts made with love – Buffalove.



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    So proud and happy that your dream has finally come true! Anita and Joel (owners) have worked so hard in making this dessert truck a reality! I hope everyone comes and tastes her desserts…. once you do, you will want to follow her from event to event! It’s that good!

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    Congrats and good luck Anita! Your sweets are truly amazing and so glad you are sharing them with all. Can’t wait to try more!

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    Congratulations Anita and Joel (Sweet Indulgence) – your dreams finally came true!
    Your sweet treats are absolutely amazing – so unique and delicious!

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    Congrats on getting your sweet dreams turned into Sweet Indulgence. Do you have a set route? Don is headed to retirement by years end so we could scoot out & taste test. Yummy! X&O, Cathy & Don Sennett

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    Anita and Joel so Happy for you and the family. Thus has been a long process for you both and I am so happy to see your dreams become reality. All the success to you both and Love to you all!!

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