Devastating Update as we learn that Carmella – the three year old who so many rallied around – has passed away.

November 5, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

It is with deep sadness and devastation that we share this heartbreaking news. Carmella Rossi, the sweet little girl who the community rallied around – has died.


by Anthony Rossi, Carmella’s Dad
Thank you all for your incredible support. It is with immense sadness that we must share with you that Carmella has passed. She fought bravely and never lost her spirit. We are deeply grateful for all of your thoughts, prayers, and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



Her face is just the sweetest. And her fight, the biggest.

Three-year-old Carmella Rossi is battling cancer. The preschooler was diagnosed in February with a stage IV tumor in her kidney. The cancer has spread to her lungs.

The little girl who loves to swim, play in the sand and dress up in her favorite princess gowns – has already faced many treatments, hospitalizations, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation – and her fight is just beginning. Her family is praying now that experimental drugs will be the answer. These drugs are extremely expensive – and help is needed.


Michael Anthony Rossi reached out to me and asked that I share his sweet granddaughter’s story.


Here is more on little Carmella:

Nothing is more devastating for parents than watching their child fight for her life. Your help is greatly needed to continue this fight.

In many ways, Anthony & Amanda Rossi’s daughter, Carmella, is your typical 3 year-old who simply wants to play, paint, and just be a kid. She loves all things Disney, including singing along to her favorite movies and dressing up like her favorite characters. You will often see her in princess gowns and capes while taking a ride in her princess carriage. She enjoys spending time outside on swings, swimming, or playing in the sand. Carmella also loves to cook and her favorite foods are pancakes, chocolate cake, and ice cream.

However, in other ways, Carmella is not your typical 3 year-old. Every parent’s worst nightmare came true on February 7, 2020. Carmella was diagnosed with a stage IV malignant rhabdoid tumor of the kidney, which has spread to her lungs. It is a very rare and aggressive pediatric cancer that strikes only 20 to 25 children, annually, in the United States. Every single day Carmella wakes up and fights for her life.

Since her diagnosis, Carmella has been battling this awful disease with aggressive chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Recently, the Rossi family learned these cancer treatments are no longer effective. Carmella’s only hope for survival is dependent on the success of experimental drugs through a clinical trial, wherever available.

The last seven months have been exhausting and devastating for Carmella and her family. Carmella has suffered through frequent and lengthy hospitalizations, outpatient visits, and at home nursing care. Instead of playing outside, Carmella spends many days staring out her hospital window while receiving extensive medical care. In fact, Carmella has spent almost every holiday in the hospital, including her birthday. Although the treatments take a toll on her, she is incredibly strong, brave, and fighting for survival the best she can.

Cancer has stolen many things from Carmella. She spends hours attached to poles and machines. She no longer enjoys her favorite foods and now gets her nutrition through a feeding tube. In spite of all this, Carmella has not lost her spirit, her wit, or the ability to light up a room with her smile. She still loves dressing up like a princess, making up her own songs, accessorizing her outfits with stickers and Band-Aids, and laughing every day.

Family and friends have joined together to raise money to help Carmella and her parents. Funds raised will assist with the enormous and staggering cost of co-pays, treatments not covered by insurance, basic expenses, meals, parking, travel, and anything else that might be needed to help Carmella in her fight for survival and to allow her parents to spend as much time with her as possible.

If you can, please help Carmella and her parents by giving a donation. Any gift will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help the family financially – you can make a donation on their  GoFundMe Page HERE. 

Otherwise, prayers and sharing Carmella’s story will also help.

God Bless sweet Carmella. We will continue to pray for this amazing little girl.


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