The Little Bakery in Niagara Falls has a history of giving back – big time – now they’ve been burglarized and need our help to stay in business

June 8, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani


We’ve told you about the wonderful work the Little Bakery does for the community. Now – they need us. Someone broke into the bakery last night and burglarized them.

The owner of the Little Bakery in Niagara Falls put a video on Facebook – speaking through tears – she spoke to the person or people responsible for breaking into the bakery. It’s devastating to say the least

“It’s destroyed in there. Everything is stolen. I just don’t understand the audacity that these people have.”  Samantha said in a video.

Now – the community is stepping up to help Jason and Samantha to rebuild!



Here’s the information from the Gofundme page.

“Today June 8th 2020, Jason & Sam arrived at the Little Bakery to prepare for today’s giveaway. When they arrived they found it vandalized. It is destroyed. The windows are smashed, things stolen, countertops ruined. This is HORRIBLE for any business but ESPECIALLY for one that gives SO MUCH to their community!
They are in the process of trying to move locations but that is going to take time for hopeful rezone approval. Let us help them!! They do SO MUCH for everyone in the community & they didn’t deserve this.”

If you would like to make a donation HERE IS THE LINK.

What makes it even worse – the bakery was doing a FREE lunch for the community today – and they say that will still happen!


Here is the previous story we did on the bakery.


Niagara Falls businesses really step up to help during this Coronavirus crisis



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