The WYRK morning show from trio to duo: our interview with Clay, Liz and Dale.

March 26, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

(photos courtesy: WYRK)

They’ve been a trio for a while now. Dale, Clay and Liz are known for their hit morning show on Country, WYRK.


Now, the trio has become a duo. For a few weeks now, it’s been just Clay and Liz. Dale has taken on a new role at WYRK and it doesn’t include waking up before the crack of dawn, “Am I going to miss those early morning hours?  No way,” Dale told me it’s an opportunity for him to enjoy the evenings a bit more, “No matter what I’ve ever done in the evenings over the years there’s always that voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me I’ve got to leave and go to bed so that I can get some sleep before the alarm goes off.  One thing I’m especially looking forward to is actually seeing the END of a concert once in a while.  Again it’s that voice that keeps telling me to get to bed.  I can’t believe some of the incredible encore moments I’ve missed and learned about the following morning.”

I happen to know exactly what Dale is talking to and can second that voice in the back of the head! Dale is going to be a station ambassador! You’ll see him at big events, like the Erie County Fair, Bills and Sabres games and Taste of Country.



You may not know this, but Dale is one of the nicest guys in town. We will all miss that familiar, welcoming voice each morning – especially his partners, Clay and Liz, “We kinda knew this was coming,” Clay told me in a phone interview, “I’m happy for him, but you know a family member isn’t gonna be here anymore.”

So now, it’s up to Clay and Liz to keep things going, “”I love working with Liz, I feel like I’ve known her forever.” Clay admits, after working on the show for almost 20 years (I know can you believe that!!??) this is a big adjustment, but then again, he’s used to big adjustments – as dad to little Hank and now, another baby on the way.



Clay and Liz both tell me they have some plans in their pockets, “It’s the same Clay and Liz that people already know, but says Liz, with more interaction, “We want to have people be more part of the show and really shine! Look for more outside of the box contesting and promotions from us! We want to be all over WNY and not just through the speakers!”



You can expect more video, more live remotes, and more interaction. For Liz, who’s a transplant here – it sure feels like home, “I know that I lucked into a very special spot in WNY, people have either watched Clay grow up or grew up with him on the radio and to be able to join such a strong brand like WYRK is what people dream of in our business! But being able to build my own relationships and friendships with listeners is amazing and I treasure it so much. This is why we do what we do, we want to make people smile and laugh and forget about their stresses when they’re with us and know that they can come to us day in and day out!”


It’s all stuff that Dale Mussen knows all too well and why he will miss it dearly, “Moving on from the morning show is an incredibly heart-wrenching decision.  It’s what I’ve been identified with for so long and what I’ll really miss is so many of the listeners who have called in over the years, who I’ve gotten to know and who have become friends.  And the things I’ve learned from these people.  I like to ask questions and it’s amazing how quickly we’ve received expert responses to the most random topics.  I’ll also miss the behind-the-scenes moments that Clay, Liz and I have shared.  Clay has always had this natural ability to make me laugh, even the day after a miserable Buffalo Bills game.  Now that’s talent.”

“That’s talent,” a phrase that many of us say about your work too, Dale!



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