East Aurora PD investigating, warning parents after man follows teen, pulls into garage, closes door

February 28, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

UPDATE: The step-mother of this young lady is absolutely horrified by what happened. Here is what Deborah Capaccio said in a Facebook Post, “My 14-year-old step-daughter was walking home from school one block from the bus stop in East Aurora and was followed by a man in a black pick up truck with glasses. He drove INTO HER DRIVEWAY all the way INTO THE GARAGE so she couldn’t close the door! She ran into the house and the police have been called. The man asked her if she is a cheerleader. Please be on the look out for this vile creature and contact police. DESCRIPTION: Gray hair in his 50s or 60s with a round face and gold framed big glasses 70s style.”

Deborah is hoping everyone will share this in order to find this person!

Well this young lady did exactly the right thing. Perhaps this is a good time to remind our kids what to do if something like this happens.

East Aurora Police Officials are warning folks about a suspicious incident – here is what they posted:

“EAPD is investigating a reported suspicious incident where a black full size extended pickup truck pulled into a driveway in the village as a teenage female was returning home from school. The operator of the pickup was reported to be a white male in his 60’s or 70’s wearing large glasses and attempted to have a conversation with the teenager. The teenager went into their house and locked the door.

This occurred in the north east part of the village. If anyone has further information please contact EAPD at 652-1111, and remind your children not to talk to strangers.”


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