With perseverance and a commitment to healing – Jessica Cameron forges on as her attacker is set to be sentenced

January 2, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

UPDATE: White was sentenced to the maximum – 25 years in prison.

Jessica Cameron has become an inspiration to many in this community and beyond. The young mother of three boys is determined to heal, determined to get her life back, determined to forge ahead, find her purpose and live her best life. She will not be defined by the horrific domestic violence attack that has left her burned and suffering on the inside and out.

Jessica Cameron has spent all of 2019 healing from the horrific act of violence Jonothan White committed against her. Her children, her family, her friends, and the community have watched her persevere throughout this ordeal. Her strength and commitment to recovery has been unwavering. After multiple surgeries and endless follow up appointments Jessica is at a point in her treatments that she will be getting prostheses to help her adapt and adjust to her injuries. She has been working with the Hangar Clinic here and in Syracuse and she will be traveling to Chicago for prostheses for her hands and to Connecticut for prosthetic ears as the damage to these areas was so severe. Jessica will continue to receive out patient treatments through ECMC and will have more surgeries in the future as needed.

Along with the support of close friends and family Jessica has a great young man named Matty who has stayed by her side through every step of her recovery. Helping her heart heal as well.

Jonathon White was arrested in the case which shocked Western New Yorkers, the dousing and setting aflame of his former girlfriend, Jessica Cameron, outside her workplace, last December.  Jessica testified against White during the trial and a jury found him guilty of attempted murder and assault. He is set to be sentenced on January 3rd.

The community has rallied around the young mom and many were inspired by Jessica’s strength as she fought so hard to recover.

Jessica with her mother, Christina Cameron


For Jessica, giving up was not and is not an option. Her boys help motivate her every day to heal a little at a time. She knows they need her and always will.


Jessica with her boyfriend. Matty and her boys on Halloween



Jessica and her family find hope in the community support they’ve received. Cards lined Jessica’s hospital room – each one read to Jessica – even when she was in a coma. Her family wanted her to know how many people were praying for her – how many people cared. And still care.



Jessica’s strength has gotten her through this most horrific ordeal and now as she moves forward with life she really does want everyone to know that she will never give up and will work in the future to help others who have gone through the unthinkable abuse that she knows all too well.



This family has a long road ahead – many treatments and procedures. They need all the help they can get. If you would like to help this remarkable family, here is a LINK TO THE GOFUNDME that friends have set up.

The family can not comment as they await sentencing – but we will have more from them very soon.  The family prays for the maximum sentencing allowed by law – 25 years.


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