WNYer will be featured on American Idol this Sunday!

February 28, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

When the folks at American Idol reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in an interview with a Western New Yorker who’s made it on the show – I was super excited! Another local musician who has made the cut! This is fantastic!

So here’s the deal – Ethan Fingold COULD be the next American Idol! I mean anything is possible.

Fingold, who is known as the Creature Vokillz, is psyched – telling me in an email interview this is what he’s worked for!

“I’ve waited a long time and worked very hard to get to where I am about to be. I’m ready to take over the world, from my hometown of Buffalo “Riverside” to Hollywood.”

Music has been a huge part of the Buffalonian’s life, “Music means the world to me and more. It’s really all I have. If I go 66 seconds without music I start to panic and either put head phones in or blast head banging music, start screaming the lyrics to my favorite songs, while stomping through the hood!” Fingold says, “Music is what keeps me alive and what got me through every obstacle thrown at me.”

Fingold’s music is different from what you might expect on Idol. It’s a lot of – um… screaming – what he calls a Mystic Death Trap Metal” music.  He wears a mask and looks a little scary in my opinion – but, it is a show for the show!

I asked what we can expect to see from him, “You can expect me to impact in the world! You can expect the underground music scene and the mainstream to collide, you can expect cultures to come together, as I put together a new genre of music titled “MysticDeath Trap Metal”. It fuses Rap, Metal, Hip-hop, Hardcore, Deathcore and Trap music into one, with furious vocals and lyrics life struggles and tough times. All of my music and aggression goes into my art, you can also expect to see me in a few movies and TV shows this coming year, along with new music and hopefully a VoKillz tour!”

So is he some kind of stunt for the show or does he have a real shot? That is something for you all to decide. Either way, he’s proud and excited to share his journey with his hometown. “I lived in Buffalo my entire life. I used to be in a heavy local band. A lot of Buffalo people have supported me throughout the years. I love performing in my hometown!”

I guess we have to remember that being THE Idol isn’t everything – being ON Idol is pretty cool.

“Idol has changed my life in many ways and has helped me focus and set a direction for my life. It’s helped me become serious and realize that you can do whatever you want in life. Just get up, scream and go crazy! Stick to your passion, never give up and stay true to yourself. Don’t live for others, live to excite others and keep the creatures satisfied! You can expect me to see me on American idol on March 3rd in the season premiere! Lots of surprises to come. I can’t say much more, but just expect something insane and let the entire world know about American Idol Creature that will rise!”

You can catch Fingold this Sunday on American Idol’s season premiere!  He does eventually remove his mask!





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