WNYer working for City of Sunrise, Florida has enormous task to help keep residents safe through Irma.

September 7, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Kevin Babcock left Hamburg, New York to call Florida home, back in 2001.

Kevin is a Maintenance Mechanic with the City of Sunrise and to say he’s busy right now would be the ultimate understatement. His task right now is to help keep the residents of Sunrise, Florida safe. “I work for the City of Sunrise and we are in full hurricane mode shuttering up, taking down canopies, lowering water levels in the pools, putting anything that could possibly be a projectile away,” said Kevin, “These storms are very dangerous and should never be taken too lightly.”

Kevin and the rest of the crews have been working non-stop. He’s taking care of the many elderly that call Sunrise home.

Kevin is doing things like taking canopies down, working to secure items, and whatever else is needed to keep residents safe.

He also has his own home and family to worry about, “I have shuttered up my house and got all the outside stuff in the garage and I’m going to tie all my patio furniture together under my flat roof in the back of my house. I am going to hope for the best. I am not leaving but a lot of my neighbors are evacuating.” Kevin, his wife and their 21-year-old son will be riding the storm out together. As a city worker, Kevin is on call throughout the entire ordeal.

Kevin and his family are riding out the storm – together.

Over the past 15 years, Kevin says he’s been through his share of storms, “I have been through like six of these hurricanes now but this may be the worst.” His family in Western New York is concerned – waiting and watching – like so many of us around the nation. Praying Irma slows down or moves away.

But – Irma’s path right now is not a good sign for the good people of South Florida. People like Kevin Babcock who are working hard in the face of the storm, “Well, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared but I have to be strong for my family.”



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