Woman recalls sounds of gunfire, feelings of fear – in emotional post after the Dollar General shooting in Cheektowaga

November 15, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Rebecca was working when it all went down. She was afraid – as anyone might imagine. The sounds. The sights. The fear. She put this emotional post on Facebook – and with her permission, I’m sharing it.  The post gives us JUST an idea of what it must have been like to hear what she and others heard.


Here’s her post in its entirety. 

“I was at my desk today and heard about 20 gun shots.  There were only 2 of us near a window so we were the only ones to hear it. My immediate thought was that it was gunshots but I didn’t believe it at first. Just then a coworker came running through the office telling everyone there was an active shooter outside (dollar general is just feet away from our building).  Our landlord had called us and told us to lock all the doors. We all gathered in an inside office while we tried to figure out what was happening. We kept hearing different stories about people laying in the ground, someone covered with a body bag, shooter running towards our building, etc. as we huddled together our first thoughts were to make sure all our staff were accounted for and to notify anyone on their way back to not come.  We then had to figure out what clients were on their way in and notify them. The whole area was in “shelter in place mode” and streets were closed off. Once it was safe to do so we all gathered around the windows to watch the investigation continue. This hit really close to home for so many of us. I was just at that store at 8:30 this morning and several of my coworkers went there at 12:30. We are there all the time on our breaks! I am so thankful all my coworkers are safe and I am so glad to hear there doesn’t seem to be any fatalities. I cannot get the sound of the gunfire out of my head.”


The Cheektowaga Police have credited two citizens with stopping this shooter from harming or killing many people. The shooter is being held without bail.


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    I just wanted you to know how much I truly enjoy reading your blog and stories like this one. You offer so many exclusive insights into news of the day. These stories cannot be found anywhere else. I read your work pretty much every day. Thanks for the work you put into #TotallyBuffalo.
    -Michael Trig Lehmann

  2. Mary Friona

    Thank you so much!!!!! I’m loving every minute of it.

  3. Mary Friona

    No. The community is coming together to raise money for the homeless in Buffalo. It brought us together for a good reason – that was the point of the story!! Thank you for your feedback!!

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