Working with Hope Rises on an Amazing Father’s Day Surprise for a Very Deserving Dad, who is the Sole Caretaker of his Young Son.

June 3, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

We started Totally Buffalo Hope for the Holidays because we know that – as fabulous as holidays are and can be – sometimes they are difficult. We wanted to help make a difference all year long – each holiday. We are happy to be working with our friends from Hope Rises on a Father’s Day surprise for a very deserving dad.

We shared Ryan Kania’s story in December. The young mom – just 33-years old – battling advanced cervical cancer.  We told you about her wish to have a sleepover with her family and friends – which was granted by Russell Salvatore and others. It was as unforgettable as it was heartbreaking.



The community rallied around Ryan, her husband Brian and their baby boy, Mason.

Sadly, Ryan passed away shortly after that sleepover – leaving behind a loving husband and baby. It reminded us what is most important in life – that family is indeed everything. We were incredibly touched by this family – by their strength and love.

So when we started thinking about what we could do for Father’s Day – we thought about Brian. We thought about the unimaginable loss he and little Mason have faced. We thought about how we could help make it a special day for him.

We are teaming up with Kate Glaser and Hope Rises to do what we can. We are hoping you can help! We’d like to give them experiences to do together. They also could use some outdoor toys and games they can play together.

If you would like to help, we have started a fundraiser on FaceBook – here is the link.





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