Wonderful story surrounding wreath honoring Officer Craig Lehner.

October 29, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani
This is just beautiful. Barbara O’Neill saw this beautiful wreath hanging at the entrance to Forest Lawn Cemetery, where last week, Buffalo Police Officer Craig Lehner was laid to rest.
Barbara saw it last Tuesday night – and she was in awe.
But, the story goes deeper. She told me this morning that she was sharing the story because it is a uniquely Buffalo story; totally Buffalo.
Here’s what she had to say in a Facebook post on October 24th.
“I heard about this wreath at a cocktail party tonight. Someone that works at FL. I thought I’d take a look on my way home. An officer was posted there. Do you mind if I take a photo? No, he said, I was gonna take one myself. Let me close the gate, It’s all about symmetry, he said. I’m sorry I said. Thank you, he said. I took my photo and showed it to him. Wow! He said. Will you be here all night? I asked. Yes, we will be here all night. Can I get you coffee? Food? No, he replied. But you just made my whole night for asking? Now, the rest of the story. I stopped for pizza on the way home. ( for jim ?). I told them about the officer at FL. They dispatched a delivery person immediately to the gates. By the time I left, pizza, wings and soda were on their way to the officer and those that would join him later. Gratis. So, I don’t think that Buffalo is necessarily the friendliest city, as Travel and Leisure says we are, but I do think we are a compassionate city and that we speak compassion and sometimes that’s just a language of its own.”
This is a city of compassion. Couldn’t agree more.


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    Lovely, Mary. Thanks for reaching out. Barbara O’Neill

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    Friendly, compassionate whatever you want to call it, we were named friendliest and that IS what it is.

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    Gods blessings

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    this is an awsome story and the wreath is simpley buetiful . the lady who shared the story n pic thank you.and for the pizza shop it was wonderful you sent food and drinks for the officers on duty.im sure they appreciated every thing

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    That was a wonderful story! We definitely have compassionate people here in WNY.

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    Great story.

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