Young mom & wife with stage five kidney failure has found a ‘perfect match’ donor!

June 13, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

This is the best news we could have hoped for today!!! This is proof of the power of prayer!

We first told you about Rachel Povhe in February. The young mother and wife was suffering with stage five kidney failure and in desperate need of a transplant. The Gowanda mother has been ill since giving birth to her daughter just over one year ago. She was getting worse and needed a new kidney to survive.

Rachel’s husband Matt wrote an emotional post about his wife’s condition. We shared the story on our blog and it went viral. It was clear that people cared – as the article was viewed more than one million times. Hundreds of people reached out to be tested – so many wanted to help this beautiful family.

We checked in with Matt a few months ago – but there was no news and no new testing due to COVID-19.  Matt and Rachel refused to give up. They started a Facebook page called A Kidney 4 Rachel and held onto hope.

Today – AMAZING news!!! The most amazing news!!!

Turns out – someone saw Matt’s plea – someone cared enough to get tested – and that person is a PERFECT MATCH!!!!!!!!!!  Surgery will take place in September!!!!!!

We received a wonderful email explaining how it all went down!!!


In February of this year Rachel Povhe’s husband, Matt turned to social media in hope’s of finding his wife a kidney donor. Rachel has been on dialysis since January. She is now surviving on perotianeal dialysis treatment at home.

Matt’s post went viral and was shared over a million times. Over 500 people reached out to the transplant hospitals offering to donate their kidney to Rachel.

Brandi Behling had seen that post on her cousin’s Facebook page. She knew right away she wanted to do this for Rachel. Brandi and Rachel exchanged emails back and forth and Brandi continued on getting tested for donating her kidney. After talking, they put it together that they had meet once before. Brandi was Rachel’s riding instructor at MSS (Motercycle Safety School) in 2017.

This past week Brandi went through final cross matching testing and was told she was a perfect match for Rachel! She told Rachel right away and they were both overwhelmed with happiness and relief. They decided they wanted to meet up the next day on the bikes to celebrate this amazing news. It just so happens that both Brandi and Rachel drive a 2012 Harley Davidson 883 super low. They knew that this was meant to be!

Their surgery will take place in September at UPMC Erie.

The Povhes are so very grateful for the outpouring of love and support they have received from friends, family and strangers. They would especially like to thank Brandi for offering the most amazing gift, the gift of life.




We are BEYOND thrilled for Rachel, Matt and their baby girl. We will be praying every day and sending positive vibes.

Obviously this family has been through so much – they could use our help. Prayers are wonderful and a GOFUNDME was also started to help the family with expenses.  CLICK HERE to make a donation. 


Here is our original story which ran on February 8, 2020.

Young mom & wife with stage five kidney failure in need of transplant, looking for donor











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