Young wife dies just days after being diagnosed with lung cancer

December 15, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

This is just heartbreaking. We were asked to share this story and my heart is breaking as I write this. Katie McEvoy was a beloved wife, daughter and friend. Katie died just days after being diagnosed with lung cancer She was just 35-years old and never smoked cigarettes.

Loved ones have come together to support Katie’s husband, Rick and help during this unimaginable loss he is facing. A GoFundme has been started to help with funeral and other expenses.

Here is more from the Gofundme page:


“My niece Katie and her husband Rick were planning Thanksgiving dinner at their house. She had invited a small group of family and friends. The week leading into the holiday she wasn’t feeling well.  She called and canceled plans and spent the next 10 days in and out of the hospital.  She couldn’t keep food or water down.

On Thursday December 5th, while in Kenmore Mercy hospital she was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer.  This is heartbreaking and shocking. She’s only 35, she’s never smoke cigarettes. 

Her husband Rick, who had just lost his father to cancer 18 months before, worked tirelessly to get Katie admitted into Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  The next day, Friday the 6th she was taken by ambulance to Roswell. Every body had high hopes. Rick called me and told me he will finally be able to sleep for the first time in weeks.

We woke up Saturday with hope, knowing she was in a place with the best doctors and the best staff available to help her in her fight.

My wife and myself were going up to see her Saturday when Rick called and told us the doctors said no visitors today.  I figured she was being looked at, they were running tests, maybe she needed rest.

Unbeknownst to everyone outside the inner circle, her heart rate had spiked to a steady 150 bpm.  Her body couldn’t keep this up. The decision was made to intubate her, keeping her on a breathing machine and unconscious.  As hard as it is to type this, Our Katie would never wake up again.  Her liver and her kidneys were failing. Because of this, they were unable to treat the cancer.

She passed away last night, Thursday December 12th, just 8 days after finding out she had cancer and a scant 2 1/2 weeks from the first symptoms.

Rick recently changed jobs. In doing so he started his own LLC, putting every penny they had into starting his own business.   They lost their family insurance coverage in the move, with Katie taking full-time employment at a local business. Unfortunately the new insurance coverage wouldn’t kick in till the new year.   But they could go a few months, they were both young and healthy.

The mounting medical bills and the imminent funeral expenses are overwhelming.   The family needs help NOW to get through the next few weeks.

So many people choose to give, especially during this holiday season.   There is no charity or church you could give to right now that would have a bigger direct impact in someone’s life immediately.   Please give.   Please share this on every social media platform available to you. Any amount will help.”





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