Zachary Jaworski – East Aurora Shop Owner & Friend to the Community has passed away.

April 20, 2018

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

It is with great sadness that we pass on word that Zachary Jaworski – founder of Aurora Outfitters on Main Street in East Aurora has died.  Zachary was well known in the community for his music, art, and the fact that we was always helping others in the community – including his recent help in painting the Main Street bridge.

Zach was also a huge supporter of The Butterfly Foundation, an organization paying tribute Katie Durkin- who was returning home from summer day camp July 7, 2015, when her life ended tragically by a head-on collision. She was 9-years-old.

The Butterfly Foundation put out a statement on the passing of Zach,

“It is with profound sadness that we share the news of the passing of one of The Butterfly Foundation’s most avid supporters, Mr. Zach Jaworski. From the absolute beginning of our Foundation Zach and his business partner Colin at Aurora Outfitters opened their doors and their hearts to our efforts. From hosting different fund raising events, giving us space at Aurora Outfitters to merchandise our KATIE items, providing entertainment at fund raisers, to financial sponsorship for every event, Zach was there for us, supporting our efforts. Zach was a Kind and Thoughtful young man, and it is no small irony that he personified in his daily life every character attribute, without exception The Butterfly Foundation seeks to encourage.

To honor Zach, the Jaworski family has asked for donations to be made to The Butterfly Foundation. We are humbled and grateful for this incredible gesture. Zach was a talented and gifted musician, with the heart of an artist. In the past, Zach and I had discussions about the arts in general and how they are woefully underfunded in our schools, and how kids who find their tribe and their self worth in arts programs often get overlooked.

The Butterfly Foundation will be ear marking these donations and working with the Jaworski family to find and support an important arts initiative that will positively impact kids through music, in Zach’s name and in Zach’s memory.

Donations can be made via The Butterfly Foundation Face Book Page or mailed to:

The Butterfly Foundation
PO BOX 261
Wales Center NY

Aurora Outfitters will be closed  on April 24th and 25th to honor Zach’s life.

For more information on the Butterfly Foundation – visit their website. 


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