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by | Jan 17, 2017 | Opinion

Let me start by saying how honored I am to be writing for Totally Buffalo.  I’m so proud of my wife for making her vision a reality.  And yes – full disclosure – I’m married to the Editor-in-Chief.  I will be serving as Managing Editor, co-chair of The Totally Buffalo Festival and – along with a few other duties – Weekly Sports Complainer.

And with that in mind, as much as I’d like my maiden journalistic voyage with this great new site to be a positive one, come on.  We’re talking about Buffalo pro sports.  The shiny and happy feelings stop here.  And that leads me to our beloved yet infuriating Bills and their latest big move.

As we all know, The Bills ‘brass’ (although I prefer to call them ‘scrap metal’) just hired Sean McDermott as their new head coach.  That would make him #20.  If we go back to the team’s inception in 1960 and do the math, his 19 predecessors have lasted an average of 3 years each.  If we go back to just the millennium, McDermott’s predecessors (if you include the interim coaches) have lasted just over 2 years apiece.  Not good.

And not to mention the fact that 2 of those coaches since the millennium – Mike Mularkey and Doug Marrone – quit the gig.  Think about that for a minute.  The NFL is the top of the mountain for a football coach.  There are 32 of these spots on the planet.  NO ONE QUITS.  They either get canned or retire.  Except in Buffalo.  That says a lot.

So now we have Mr. McDermott.  He has a mostly good track record, he comes highly recommended from various respected figures around the league and he said all the right things in his first press conference.  As a fan, should that get me excited?  We Bills fans may be desperate, but that doesn’t make us stupid.

The Bills are the gift that keeps on taking.  Taking our money, our Fall Sundays and our sanity.  And I’ve seen this movie too many times.  I’ve been an advocate for owners Terry & Kim Pegula to hit the ‘reset’ button since they took over this franchise.  A complete housecleaning, a flush, a fumigation – whatever you want to call it.  But they haven’t.  So far, they’ve wasted their first 2 years of Bills ownership, exactly as they did with their first 2 years of Sabres ownership.   More on that in future columns.

Hiring Sean McDermott – who by all accounts appears to be a good man and a competent coach – is the equivalent of putting a band-aid on an injury that requires major reconstructive surgery.  More on that in future columns as well.

I always preface these rather morose observations about my favorite football team with the words “I hope I’m wrong, but…”.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been wrong lately, and trust me – I REALLY want to be wrong.  But until The Bills do me that pleasure, I’m forced to declare their latest move as nothing but ‘Insert Coach HERE’.

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