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July 24, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Let me guess – you run a small business and spend all of your time actually building your business – making your artwork, jewelry, or apparel.  You work non-stop on proposals, price points, and payables. I know, it’s not easy. Sometimes the marketing of the business gets put on the back burner.

Or let’s say you have a great event coming up. It’s a wonderful cause and you have so many fantastic ideas – but you’re so busy planning you haven’t really thought about promoting it just yet.

It happens all the time.

Small businesses and non-profits can’t afford the big agencies. That’s why we decided to start up Totally Buffalo Marketing and PR.

We are here to help. And – we have a proven track record.  We are proud to say that our 20-years of working in the media has certainly helped us to learn how to pitch a story!

We love Buffalo and we love to see local businesses succeed! We will help share your story with the community through our blog/website, social media and with help from our friends in the media.  It’s what we do.

Whether it’s a business or an event, let the power of your story make it successful! It’s YOUR story, we are here to help you tell it.

If you would like more information – feel free to shoot us an email to




About Me

Welcome to Totally Buffalo! My name is Mary Friona-Celani and I am the creator of this site! After spending 20 years in the Buffalo media, I moved on to focus on my beautiful family. Now, the time has come for a new project. I was ready for something new. Something mine.
I am born and raised in WNY and my pride runs deep. My husband, Scott and I are very happy to be raising our four daughters here.






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