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November 14, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani


One of a kind images – that’s what a WNY business features.  FilmXposed  specializes in multiple exposure film photography and in that technique creates something that is unique and surreal.

Jeannine Swallow is the photographer and owner of the award-winning FilmXposed.  She photographs two or more images on the same frame of film, when put together it creates a new perspective.  “Actually it is a traditional technique used in photography.  Before digital, it was something that happened on accident when you forgot to advance to the next picture.”  Now Jeanine takes the multiple images on purpose, deliberately created in camera.   She doesn’t edit anything in post-production, because they aren’t digital images…again all she uses is film.

How does she do it?  Jeannine says it’s all about the way she takes the pictures.  “The technique of using multiple exposures often creates a romantic and painterly effect.  Often when composing an image I turn the camera, resulting in a photo that can be displayed both horizontally and vertically.  There are many ways to explore and interpret a photograph, and I like the viewer to feel the mystery and find the beauty in my images themselves.”


Her craft has not only produced followers, but FilmXposed has earned quite a few awards in recent years.  Jeannine’s won the Queen City Pop Up Award (2016), First Place at Letchworth Arts & Crafts Fair (2015) and Second Place at Alden Art Festival (2013).

Her secret to success is quite simple.  “I truly believe that if you do what you love, you will succeed. I have been very fortunate to have the support of my family and the Buffalo community. People often appreciate my unique approach to image-making, and of course shooting film always helps you to stand out.”


When did Jeannine’s love of photography begin?  She says she’s enjoyed it since she was very young.   “It has definitely been a lifetime love affair. As a child I remember my Grandmother always bringing an extra roll of film for me to shoot. I’d run around photographing family members and a whole lot of trees and sky.”  Then when Jeanine was in high school, CEPA (Buffalo’s own Contemporary and Visual Arts Center) came to her class for a visit…“After developing my first image with them, the rest was history!”

There are plenty of young photographers who are experimenting and taking photos these days.  When asked what advice she has for those novices, Jeannine says, “Do yourself a favor and shoot film! There is no better way to learn photography than to start with basics. Read about and look at art, always.   And never, ever stop looking for light or the lack there of.”
If you are looking for beautiful images to decorate your home or office walls, Jeannine says consider FilmXposed.  “Photographs last a lifetime and are a great way to enrich the lives of those around you.”


“I love to bring my photos into lives and create new connections. I’m available for custom work and love working with my clients to create a unique, personal photograph, whether it’s portraits or of your home or special place.”


If you’re interested in learning more about FilmXposed, you can see Jeannine at the Totally Buffalo 716Mas Festival that’s coming up at Riverworks on December 2nd and 3rd.  You can see er work at, order prints at  She often offers special updates and promotions on Instagram @FilmXPosed and All photographs are archival C-Prints, printed at a professional local lab.


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