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April 14, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

We moved just over a year ago.

The process of selling our home was one – big – fat – headache.

Every time we had a showing, I would have to clean like a crazy-lady, pack up my two babies, three dogs, and get out of the house for a few hours.  (Because most of the showings happened while my husband was at work, this was a HUGE challenge for me).

The babies would have been easy – we could have gone to lunch, to the park, to visit a friend – but the dogs made all of that impossible. We usually just drove around for a few hours. Fun, I know.

We sold our house, but it took six months. Six. Long. Months.

The truth is – as a family of 6, plus 4 pets, we had a lot of ‘stuff’.  Our agent was amazing, and suggested we put some of our stuff in storage, and change some things around. I guess home-buyers don’t want to look at all of my pictures – (but my kids are so cute!) – still, they want to see themselves in the home. Not me. Their family. Not mine.

So, once we made some changes and staged the home – we sold it right away!

The idea of home staging is nothing new. To be honest, some folks might not want to spend the money. But, what is your time worth? Not to mention – the longer your home is on the market, the more likely you’ll have a price reduction. Or two. In this hot market – with many gorgeous homes to pick from – it’s a great idea to stage.

Gerry Andolina knows a thing or two about home-selling. She is the NUMBER ONE salesperson in the NATION for Century 21!  She knows that first impressions can be everything and your home has to be show ready, “Buying a house is the largest investment a person makes. When a house is vacant, it is sometimes difficult to envision what it can look like. Staging brings the house to life. Today, more than ever, the cosmetic appeal is important.”

That’s where MAM Development comes in. Margie Mokhiber and her team specialize in decluttering and home staging. Their promise is to create a beautiful space that is bold, unique, and timeless. Margie says sometimes, it’s a big job and sometimes, it doesn’t take too much at all, “Home staging can be as simple as moving furniture around and decluttering a space to the more complicated jobs involving house repairs, painting, kitchen and bath updates, and more.”

It can take a couple of hours – or if it’s a big job, a few days or weeks, but Margie says it’s always a positive outcome for the homeowners, “Their homes are their personal space so it is hard for the client to be objective. When the work is finished they are satisfied and very happy.”

Look at these before and after pictures.

For more information or to contact Margie and her team – just click HERE

They also help with decluttering, room decoration, and much more!




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    Margie has a real talent. She is a true artist when it comes to home decorating. Along with giving your home an up to date look, she adds originality and an artistic flare that gives your home a unique appeal that stands out from others.

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