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April 13, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

This is pretty brilliant. If you are a busy person – like, too busy to make dinner, too busy to go out to dinner – this might be for you!

Here’s a thought.
Check out BBG2Go. That stands for Buffalo’s Best Grill. To Go.

Buffalo’s Best Grill and Buffalo’s Best Pizza added something else to the menu – total take out. But, as Julie Baun tells us, it’s not your standard takeout,”About 2 years ago, we became aware of the trend towards meal prep services and prepared meals. As we tossed the idea around, we knew there was niche there somewhere for us– and we found it! Most meal prep services focus exclusively on health conscious meals– and while that is absolutely a huge part of our business, we also offer “Fast Meals”, which are versions of our heartier, homestyle meals. Think Classic TV Dinner”

Wait. What?

Yes. It’s all precooked, you just have to heat it up. Julie sums up the entire process, “Everything is made from real, fresh, food, every week. Meals are always fresh, never frozen. There are never any chemicals or preservatives. Fit Meals are prepared with just trace amounts of fat and sodium needed for preparation. Meals can be heated in the microwave for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes or put in skillet and heated on the stove top. Meals may also be frozen. Customers are sometimes surprised to see that the vegetables are almost always raw– but if we cook or steam them at all, they won’t last. If we leave them raw, when you microwave them at home, they’ll come out crisp-tender.”

It’s been a year – and so far, so good, “It’s been amazing! We have had tremendous response and steady growth since the very beginning. It’s been so clear that so many people are truly looking for fresh food and convenience, especially at our affordable price point.”

pictures provided by BBG2GO

The chef creates the menu – working to appeal to the tastes and interests of their customers. Julie says when it first came up – she knew it was a great idea, “Right then and there, I knew BBG2GO would be a hit. I’m a single mom with 3 kids– at $5 a meal– and meals with REAL food, protein, vegetables– a rotating menu– I knew my own product was about to make my own life so much easier and less stressful. And I could already see that dollar for dollar, I’d probably be saving money over grocery shopping.”

And one more thing. For people actively trying to lose weight and trying to eat healthier, no worries, they offer Fit Meals, too, “The Nutrition Facts for all of our Fit Meals are right on the website- Each Fit Meal typically contains 3-4 oz. of lean protein, 1 cup of vegetables and 1/2- 1/3 cup of whole grains. Fit Meals are between 350-400 calories and 8-10 points for people using a points system. We also recently partnered with Route 20 Fitness and their Weight Loss Challenge– to offer Low Carb/No Carb versions of our Fit Meals. (No whole grains and double the veggies)”

I know. Pretty cool, right?!

So, whether it’s for yourself, your elderly parents or grandparents, your kids – BBG2GO is quick and easy – and priced at $5 per meal. Oh, and they deliver, too.

We’ve tried a few meals (meatloaf, pasta and sausage, chicken breast) and they were all great! And so, so easy!

BBG2Go is located inside Buffalo’s Best Pizza. 4510 Lake Avenue, Blasdell

You can see get more info on their website at  Or give them a call at 716-545-1517.


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